About us

We have the strengths of a large company. The variety of knowledge and experience enrich our collective know-how. We respect uniqueness, individuality, and the character of each member, as with each person, because it represents wealth for the entire company. We grow together in perfect synergy, as your strategic partners to develop logistical solutions.

Our company boasts years of experience and presence in international markets, with complete geographic coverage of Europe, from West to East. A specific and consolidated know-how to serve our clients.

We have been operating in Italy since 1872 under the name Gottardo Ruffoni. As an international carrier, we have always dedicated many resources to the development of a wide network of operating branches and correspondents in all the Western European countries and overseas.

Rondine has been operating in Italy since 1950: we have had a key role as pioneer in the transport sector between Italy and Eastern European countries. As the exclusive correspondent for government entities in charge of shipments to those countries, we have contributed in easing the development and exchange of goods, and culture, supplying solutions to many problems linked to the situations of those countries. Strengthened by this know-how, today we can offer our clients that wish to work in those countries the reliability in relations and the skills that only a partner well-established in those markets can offer.

In January 2000, from the merger of the two market leaders in shipping and international transport, emerged a new company: Gottardo Ruffoni Rondine Spedizioni Internazionale SpA. The new company based in the Italian market is able to serve the entire new Europe under a single management that coordinates the activities of the various terminals strategically located in the Italian territory. Strengthened by dozens of years of experience and 360° presence in the market (both in terms of territorial coverage and services offered) we concentrate our attention on the quality of service, reduction of time and cost of shipping, the diversification of services, and personalisation to benefit our clients.

In March 2004, Gottardo Ruffoni Rondine became part of the IHG, which belongs since May 2006 to Germany based Rhenus-Group, a logistics company with 26.000 employees and more than 4,6 billion euro annual turnover. 

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